Euganean Hills + Bacchiglione river cycle path

This is a route linking together four other routes: the Bacchiglione river cycle path (I1/I2), the Euganean Hills (E2) with the connection between them and the Battaglia Channel (I2)

50.12 km trip distance:
50.12 km
Geolocation files

Going in clockwise direction (for presentation purposes) starting from the pedestrian bridge Ponte Luigi Gasparini (where the first photo is taken):

  • Battaglia channel (~11 km)

  • Euganean Hills (~16 km)

  • connection between the Euganean Hills route and the Bacchiglione river path (~6 km)

  • Bacchiglione river cycle path (~17km)

Please note that the presented route only contains a part of the Euganean Hills route and of the Bacchiglione river route. This is a nice circuit route to give you a taste of both of those routes that are more extended.